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WhenToWork, Inc. Company Profile
Provider of WhenToHelp.com

WhenToWork, Inc. is a privately owned California corporation, dedicated to providing the best online employee scheduling and customer service at the lowest possible prices.

WhenToWork® is a US registered trademark of WhenToWork, Inc.

An Industry Leader Since 2000

WhenToWork, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a collaboration of three companies (software development, mathematics consultants and web services) who have been reliably providing services for over 30 years.

We are committed to our customers and value their trust and loyalty.

We will be here for you!

We have developed WhenToWork.com and WhenToHelp.com with the long term in mind and have no debt or outside investors like many other "dot coms."

WhenToWork, Inc. owes its great success to our dedicated staff, affiliates and loyal users who continuously provide us with new ideas for growth and improvement. 

The best scheduling engine

Our unique "scheduling engine," called "AutoFill" is the most advanced in the industry, and can consider worker "prefer, dislike and cannot work times."  It was developed by a team of Math Ph.D.'s and is designed to help you automatically assign the best possible schedules and quickly find willing replacements - reducing absenteeism and overtime.


Our unique business model allows us to provide reliable, fast and affordable services to large and small organizations world-wide.

WhenToWork's constant improvements and updates to the scheduling system have allowed us to keep ahead of our fast-paced growth over the last fourteen years. 

We look forward to long and satisfying relationships with all of our current and future customers.

Questions?  Please email sales@when2help.com.


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WhenToHelpSM is a US Servicemark of WhenToWork, Inc., a California Corporation
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